Advisory Board


    Mr.Char is an Executive Advisor & Director TVIPL, since June 1999. Before this he was the Asst. Executive Engineer, Bhutan Division, Deputy Director& Director of CWC, Commissioner, Eastern Rivers Wings. His expertise is in Water Resources Planning, Investigations, Design and Project Management, particularly of Hydropower Projects, including environmental impact assessment and management, Preparation of DPRs for Hydro Electric Projects, Review of DPRs of HEPs prepared by Private developers.


    Mr. Chandpuri has been Advisor to the company since January 2005. Retired as Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission, his expertise lies in Water Resources development, mostly comprising investigation, planning, design and preparation of Detailed Project Reports, technical appraisal, detailed engineering and construction designs and drawings of hydropower, irrigation and water supply projects. Which involves designing of Civil Engineering structures like dams, barrages, weirs, power intakes, head regulations, de-silting basins/chambers, water conductor system (Tunnels, Canals) and power house complexes (both surface and underground) and ancillary works, canals and canal structures, sprinkler irrigation system, pumping stations, water storage, treatment and distribution system.


    Mr. Rao is an Advisor to the company since 2004. He has overall 42 years of experience including 37 years of service in Central Electricity Authority from where he retired as Chairman Mr. Rao’s expertise lies in power Sector covering Technical, Operational, Economic, Legal, Administrative and Human Resource Development areas. General – Technical, Operational, Economic, power marketing, PPAs, Legal, Administrative and Human Resources Development.


    Mr. Aggarwal has been Advisor since 2003, in his over 40 years of professional experience he served Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in various capacities and retired as Member (HEP). His expertise includes of planning, design, techno-economic evaluation studies of electro-mechanical equipment for hydro-electric projects, covering different types of development in the fields, such as reversible pumped storage plants, underground power stations, semi-outdoor type power stations, pit type power stations, and Kachh Tidal Power Project, etc., in the country. Mr. Aggarwal has undergone a number of training programs, visited a large number of hydro-power stations in India and abroad, attended seminars, and has rich experience in power planning, evaluation and drafting specifications and contract documents.


    Mr. Sundaraiya an Advisor TVIPL since May 2002, is an Expert in Water Resources development Investigation, Design and Project Management, particularly of Irrigation & Hydropower Projects including dam safely and instrumentation, and also Thermal Power Plants, and Gas Turbine Projects. Mr. Sundaraiya retired as Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission.

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