Advisory Board


    Mr. Narula has been Advisor to the company since December 2000, he has more than 42 years experience of planning, geotechnical investigations (Engineering Geology and Seismo Tectonics), and execution of various River Valley Projects in a number of river basins in highly tectonised and complicated Himalayan Terrain. He has been associated with many important projects for which the geotechnical evaluation, evolution of treatment measures and selection of suitable motion characteristics for seismic designs were required.


    Dr. P.R. Rao is an Advisor TVIPL since 2000,he has over 48 years including 12 years in Planning and Design of Major Irrigation, Drainage and Power Projects and over 36 years in Applied Hydrology, in various levels of responsibility starting from Graduate Engineer and reaching the top specialist post of Chief Engineer, Hydrology Studies Organization of Central Water Commission, Government of India.


    Mr. Murthy has been Advisor to the company since August 1999. He retired as Director, engineering Geology from Geological Survey of India. With more than 46 years of experience he is known particularly in the field of Engineering Geology for Water Resources Projects for irrigation, hydroelectric and multipurpose development in India, Bhutan, and Algeria. Mr. Murthy’s work involved appraisal of geological settings of the project areas, preparation of geological maps, selection of sites for various types of dams and appurtenant structures, tunnels, hydro power stations and water conductor systems, Geological and geotechnical investigations, construction material investigations, interpretation of test results and recommendation on foundation conditions, treatment measures and suitability for different types of dams.

    He also worked as resident geologist for a major dam and examined foundation conditions, suggested excavation grades, certified foundation conditions for laying foundations for dam and spillway, suggested treatment and strengthening measures, tunnel excavation pattern and treatment, examined distress problems in existing dams as a part of Dam Safety Assurance Programme sponsored by the World Bank in Tamil Nadu.


    Mr. G.S. Krishnamurthy an Advisor to the company since July 2003, has more than 46 years of experience in Planning, Construction and Design of Dam & hydraulic gates & hoisting structures for all types, Embankments, Spillways and Outlets, Civil Works of Power House, Tunnels etc. including Quality Control aspects.

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