Advisory Board


    Mr. Idiculla is an Advisor to the company since June 2008, he has more than 37 years of extensive national and international experience in Capacity survey of reservoirs using high technology, Life of reservoirs, Reservoir planning practices, Control of sedimentation in reservoirs, Mathematical modeling Studies on Reservoir Sedimentation for number of Reservoir in India and Abroad.


    Dr. Shanware has been Advisor to the company since1999, with more than52 years experience he is considered authority in land use, soil survey, soil study, and application of remote sensing technique for land use mapping, soil degradation, soil salinity, soil fertility, soil microbiology, alkalinity and water logging etc in various tracts of India and abroad.


    Dr. Goswami has been with the company since December 2005, with more than 47 years experience he specialize in Hydro-Electric Projects, Investigation, Design & Planning and Selection of Equipment.

    DR. R. P. MATHUR

    Dr. Mathur is with company since June 1999, with more than 47 years of experience he specializes in environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution studies, water quality management, pollution monitoring & pollution control studies, Industrial waste management, waste water characteristics studies, hydrological studies of waste water.


    Mr. Kumar is an Advisor to the company since July 2004, with more than 38 years of experience he specializes in Design and Engineering, Review of Design of Transmission Tower including special types towers, Testing of Towers, Design and Review of Foundation designs, Review of Vendor Drawings and GTP of Conductor, Conductor Accessories, Tower Accessories, Hardware, Insulators etc. witnessing of Factory Acceptance Test of Transmission Line Material, Review of Soil data for Tower Spotting, Tower profiles, Sag charts and Sag Tension charts of 66 kV double circuit / single circuit lines covered under STD phase-II project.

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