Dam Safety

The diversity and complementary nature of geo-physical methods provide a broad range of information on the condition of a dam by evaluating the physical properties of material within the structure. The non-destructive characteristics of geo-physical methods are very appropriate for dam assessment. Furthermore, information obtained from geo-physical methods is continuous and covers a wide area of investigations compared to single-point data derived from drilling.


The company has years of experience in the field of geophysics applied to Civil Engineering, and has successfully completed number of projects around the world. The company has pioneered the use of geophysics for dam safety in the country, and has the privilege of being the only company in India.

There are a number of techniques available for dam investigation. A well-conceived geophysical programme is designed for a specific type of dam and the problems associated with it. The programme generally includes two or more geophysical methods from which datasets are correlated in order to give a true picture of the internal condition of the dam structure.

Company has already completed few prestigious projects in the field of dam safety in India, with total success, and is working towards making non-destructive inspections a standard and integral part of dam monitoring programmes.

The information obtained through these techniques is invaluable for various issues and concerns, and provides a detailed insight in a totally non-destructive manner:

  • Concrete dams- cracks, degradation
  • Earth Embankment dams- Water leaks, Landslide, Sinkhole
  • Submerged Area

Following the investigations, TVIPL can also take up the consultancy for remedial measures and supervision and monitoring. Post grouting investigations can be carried out to ascertain effectiveness of the operations.

The expertise and techniques available with us for Dam Safety is as follows:

Other Applications