Our team of highly experienced and motivated professionals ensure to provide the best possible  geophysical solution using state of the art equipment and latest prevailing techniques.

TVIPL is a company at the leading edge of technology having a vast resource of experience accumulated by the Company’s experts over the years, working in different parts of the world. Prior to 1998, the Company was named as Geophysics GPR-TOJO Limited, a Joint Venture Company having equal equity participation of Canadian and Indian offices. However, in 1998 due to compulsions of changing global economic trends, the Company changed its status to a private limited company named Tojo-Vikas International, and was formally incorporated in India as Tojo-Vikas International (Pvt.) Ltd. , in May 1999. The Company has now its Branch Office in Montreal, Canada, headed by its Chief Geo-physicist. It offers a complete range of specialized consultancy services to Consultants, General Contractors, Governments and their agencies.

The Company’s major focus is on site evaluation, large civil engineering works, underwater reconnaissance, hydro-geology, environmental protection, mining, marine, reservoir sedimentation studies and infrastructure. The Company is fully equipped to carry out large projects involving investigations (geo-physics, geology, hydro-geology, hydrography, topography, NDT), analysis, consultancy and evolving total solutions.

Starting as solely a Geo-physical Investigations company, TVIPL has diversified into the above-mentioned fields over the years, and has accumulated vast experience.

TVIPL has its Registered Office and Sales & Marketing Office in New Delhi, India. Affiliates and Associates are located in a number of Indian cities in different geographical regions.

TVIPL is known in India for the quality of its services, and business ethics. The Company works on the principle of integrated approach, reducing ambiguity to the least, and providing unique solutions to sub-surface problems, in a totally non-destructive manner. The Company has the privilege of being the only company in India to provide an entire range of geo-physical, hydrographic and topographic solutions, including investigations and project consultancy.