Ground Water Investigation

M/S Tojo-Vikas International Private Ltd. has contributed significantly in the field of ground water investigation and associated artificial recharge studies. The Company has recently completed two major ground water projects, one in India and another in the Republic of Yemen. There are in addition several small scale projects in ground water investigations completed by the Company in different parts of the country which will bespeak expertise and merit of M/S TVIPL in ground water survey and investigation.

A brief outline of the major ground water projects, handled by M/S Tojo-Vikas International Private limited, is narrated below:

Haryana, India

For Infrastructure Development of 25,000 acres of land by RELIANCE Group in Haryana, India, primary consideration was to assess water availability. The area is occupied with Alluvial sediments. Since surface water availability is scarce, the focus of interest was mainly on estimating ground water resources having fresh or marginally quality to meet the demand of water for domestic, industrial and commercial purpose. Electrical resistivity survey is highly effective for the purpose enumerated and the Company was engaged by the Reliance group to cover the whole area in a grid pattern with resistivity measurement utilizing Schlumberger vertical electric sounding technique at about 200 locations. The ground water quality in the area as such is not good but the survey could image036

identify and differentiate fresh ground water occurring zone as well as identify suitable locations where artificial recharge structures can be built up for enhanced ground water recharge The survey moreover could identify the presence of basement (Quartzite) at a depth of 300 m or more which was highly pertinent in deciding and controlling the depth of tube well drilling in RHSEZ area.

Dhamar Basin, Republic of Yemen

The Company has carried out large scale electrical resistivity survey to identify suitable image039
tube well sites in Dhamar basin in the Republic of Yemen. The area is arid with very scanty rainfall and as such surface water availability is highly scarce. The area is occupied with volcanic formation and the strata is highly uneven in space. The terrain was very complex both geologically and hydrogeologically where suitable tube well sites were to be identified to mitigate demand of water for domestic and irrigational need, mostly for rural population. The problem was quite complex since the physical properties of volcanics are highly heterogeneous where interpretation of electrical resistivity survey was challenging and difficult. The survey by TVIPL was able to map the subsurface geometry of fractured basalt which acts as aquifer in Dhamar basin.

The expertise and techniques available with us for Ground Water Investigations is as follows:

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