Hydro-electric Power Projects, challenged by the complex and unique geological settings, require an accurate and thorough knowledge of sub-surface information prior to undertaking their design and execution. Geo-physical, modern Topographic & Hydrographic Survey techniques and Geo-technical Investigations are used to evaluate the in situ sub-strata characteristics of sites intended for major river valley and hydro-electric power projects such as dams, tunnels, powerhouses, surge shafts, pressure shafts etc.


TVIPL’s experienced professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and interpretation techniques to capture, collate and analyze the properties of soil or sub-soil on surface or sub-surface profiles. The information thus gathered provides detailed insight into the site conditions and valuable support for efficient and effective designing, and execution of the project with confidence.

Modern site investigation techniques facilitate mapping the project area in real-time global co-ordinate system. Geo-physical investigations enable precise identification of rock anomalies like fractures and faults, the Modulii of Elasticity in Shear and Compression etc., overburden thickness, rippability (excavability) of rock and almost any physical property of the sub-surface strata. These techniques optimize the scope of site investigations and eliminate the unexpected by virtue of continuous information provided, rather than discrete information obtained by conventional boreholes.

TVIPL has in-house equipment consisting of advanced tools for site investigations and surveys intended for catering to all components of Hydro-electric Power Projects involving complex structures like dams, tunnels, powerhouses, surge shafts, pressure shafts, penstocks etc.

The nature of service capabilities of TVIPL in this regard relate to the following techniques:

TVIPL’s experts having had exposure to global Consultancy, provide a variety of services encompassing core activities including site reconnaissance, site selection, hydrological studies, hydro-power planning, engineering geological studies, preparation of feasibility studies and detailed project reports. With the organizational strength and expertise available in-house, TVIPL has forayed into providing a variety of engineering consultancy services in this vital infrastructure sector as well, involving the following disciplines of study. :

  • Hydrological Observations
  • Hydrology Studies
  • Geological Mapping
  • Engineering Geology
  • Seismo-Tectonic Studies
  • Hydro Power Planning Studies
  • Planning and Design of  :
    • Various types of Dams and Barrages
    • Water Conductor System (Canals and Tunnels)
    • Fore-bay/Surge Shaft
    • Penstock/Pressure Shaft
    • Power House (Surface, Semi-Under Ground)
    • Tail Race (Channel/Tunnel)
    • Switchyard
    • Hydro-Mechanical Equipment
    • Electro-Mechanical Equipment
    • Transmission System
    • Infrastructure facilities
  • Construction & Equipment Planning
  • Cost Estimates with Drawings
  • Financial and Economic Evaluation
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Reconnaissance Reports
  • Pre-Feasibility Reports
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Pre- & Post-Tendering Services
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and Technical Specifications
  • Detailed Engineering for Construction and Issue of Construction Drawings
  • Construction Supervision – Project Management Services
  • Completion Reports.

Key Projects in Hydropower Sector by TVIPL

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