TVIPL made a modest start in early 90s as a ground water geo-physics company, and has helped to locate ground water in many major projects.

The geo-physical techniques we use were developed in a variety of geological environments, ranging from intrusive to sedimentary rocks. Our research and studies in the field have resulted in the establishment of reliable analysis methods, based on a set of exploration techniques that range from electrical surveys to many types of electro-magnetic and seismic surveys.

We have expertise in locating underground water, evaluate its potential, quality and hydro-dynamics, determine infiltration etc. To obtain this information we are equipped with all modern tools and software, as well as experts having vast experience in the field.

image028These various services permit an overall approach to the problems of finding water and preventing ground water contamination. The techniques developed by our experts have proved highly reliable and helped locate drill hole targets with virtual infallibility.

Aware of the vital importance of this natural resource, TVIPL continues to innovate in the research, development and application of techniques to help and make sure that future generations have an adequate supply of good drinking water.

The various tools available with the Company for hydro-geological investigations include:

Other Applications