Our highly professional team is dedicated to provide high quality medical transcription services to our clients within the turn around time.

TVIPL has been in the field of Medical Transcription for the last decade. The company also offers diversified services into the field of General Transcription and Data Processing with a dedicated workforce that matches the best in today’s outsourcing industry.

We offer fast, accurate and cost effective medical transcription, general transcription, and Data Processing service with the help of our overseas resources and state-of-the-art technology

We are an AAMT registered company transcription company and follow the AAMT guidelines.


Our workforce of transcriptionists and data processors are all qualified graduates and postgraduates. The team has completed a rigorous and advanced SUM and AAMT training programs for medical transcription and have minimum of four?years experience and QAs have a minimum of six to seven years of transcription and proofreading background which is the best in the industry


We are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art communication technology and resources available as on date to provide fast and accurate transcription and data processing services. We have our own FTP site, which can be accessed by the clients using their individual login ID’s to transfer the data through ISDN and DSL connections.

We use DVIPS transcription software compatible with all types of voice formats. We also have an in-house library comprising Stedman’s wordbooks, English dictionaries, electronic spell checker, instant text and latest editions of drug books, which comprehensively cover all medical aspects.


At the first level of transcribing the report, our transcriptionists take care of the report to be typed with an accuracy level of at least 95% with an output ranging between 500?600 lines per day per person

We have two levels of Quality Assurance (QA1 and QA2). The transcribed reports are assessed by QA1 who does the proofreading and editing, which includes medical, grammatical and formatting errors, to ensure the report accuracy to be above 97%.

The final stage of quality assurance is taken care by QA2 who does the proofreading, flags the reports for any inconsistencies, and fills in any blanks that are left to make the report approximately 98-99% accurate

Accuracy with speed is our motto; therefore, at no stage we compromise with the quality and turnaround time of the report and hence provide the best service to our clients.


The clients can upload their voice files at our FTP site, from where the files are downloaded in our server and scanned for viruses. The jobs are then distributed amongst the transcriptionists. All transcribed jobs are thoroughly proofread and spell checked using the latest standard spell checker programs as well as complete library of reference materials. The QA team to ensure that the report is accurate before it reaches to you within the stipulated Turnaround Time then reviews each and every transcribed report to maintain the levels of accuracy.

We ensure strict data privacy as we use our in-house developed software which ensures that no files are left with any MT or QA on their PC’s after the transcription process is completed. Once moved from transcriptions’ node, we further ensure that the patient records are restricted to be accessed only by the authorized people for achieving purpose.

Our electronic archives store both voice and transcribed files for a period of six months, in case the client requires future references.


We are proud to have a strong customer base which is spread across in different states in US and have been with us since inception