Mining exploration costs are rising constantly. Previously undiscovered deposits are generally buried under thick layers of overburden and unproductive rock that make conventional prospecting methods obsolete and inadequate. Locating mineral zones today require advanced scientific expertise.

TVPIL has developed various unique and integrated techniques for the new challenges mining industry faces today.

image016With the use of ultra precise and modern geo-physical techniques, resource evaluation is possible in a much shorter time and at a much lesser cost.

TVIPL is not only advancing the methodology of searching for ore bodies, and helping to make operations of mines markedly safer; we are able, through geo-physical studies of soil foundation, to provide the parameters that facilitate the installation of infrastructure (access roads, processing plants etc.) and allow blasting to be planned for maximum efficiency and output. Our experts also execute such various associated projects as geological interpretation, collection and synthesis of geological data, preparation of detailed maps, supervision of boring operations, geo-scientific compilation, and geo-statistical calculations.

Important aspects of slope stability and rippability assessment are also addressed through geo-physical techniques.


The tools available for use in mining industry are:

These techniques can be effectively used for:

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Slope Stability Studies
  • Rippability Assessment
  • Site Assessment for supporting infrastructure, Vibration monitoring and control
  • Environmental applications

Other Applications