Urban Infrastructure

India is going through a revolutionary phase of urban development with ever increasing emphasis on planned and long term planning and execution of projects in the field of water supply, sewerage, gas, telecommunication, and other facilities. Having gone through the phase of unplanned project execution of short terms projects, with little or no record keeping, characteristic of a developing country, the focus has suddenly shifted to planned and optimum resource planning. The IT revolution has also affected the country to a big extent, with optical fiber cables being laid in all the major cities across the country.

image030Geo-physics plays an important role in planning and execution of any infrastructure project. Information on existing network is invariably required for all the projects of water supply, sewage disposal, telecommunication, gas, subways, flyovers, mass rapid transport system, etc. The information is crucial for proper planning and safe execution phases.

TVIPL has the privilege of being the Company to have pioneered the concept of non-destructive, non-invasive utilities mapping in Indian cities using the most modern tool for such applications i.e. Ground Penetrating Radar. Radar allows detection of underground utilities like water mains, sewers, telecom lines, power lines, gas pipes and practically every underground utility, in a totally non-destructive, rapid and accurate manner.

image032The Company has been involved with many major projects involving preparation of accurate maps of underground utilities in a number of cities in India. The information provides inputs for planning future development of water supply projects, laying of new pipes / cables, construction of subways, tunneling for metro rail transport- ation systems, and piling for flyovers etc. These investigations are mandatory for all the pipe/ cable laying being carried out by trenchless techniques, for safety of existing utilities and workers.

The tools available for detection of underground infrastructure in urban areas are:

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