Water Resources

TVIPL is extensively involved in water resources projects, involving investigations, planning, studies, designs, modeling studies and complete range of consultancy.

Reservoir sedimentation studies have been identified as a task of utmost importance by the Government of India. TVIPL is playing a key role in reservoir sedimentation studies for major reservoirs ranging in area from 12 sq km to 600 sq km. The studies start from field investigations involving Bathymetry surveys (using digital echosounders, DGPS and Land surveying) and sediment & water sampling. This is followed by data processing for generation of Digital Terrain Model, cross sections and L-sections, which are used for arriving at revised elevation – area – capacity curves, calculation of sedimentation in various zones at various levels, and generation of contour maps of the reservoirs. Mathematical Modeling studies using various advanced software – a few of them developed in-house by our experts – are used to analyze the sedimentation pattern and forecast balance life of reservoirs. TVIPL also have the expertise to suggest measures and provide entire range of consultancy services for reservoirs.

image033TVIPL also specializes in preparation of inundation maps, flood forecasting, including surveys, hydrological and hydro-dynamic modeling, model calibration and tests, and simulations. The experts with the Company have extensive experience on such studies not only in India, but also in many parts of the world.

We also offer an entire range of consultancy for Hydroelectric projects, including site investigations, EIA, EMP and design.

Irrigation systems and networks are the backbone of agriculture-based economy of India. TVIPL is fully equipped to take up tasks such as canal route study, investigations, planning and complete consultancy.

Dam Safety and non-destructive testing of dam structures is another field of specialization of the Company. Apart from investigations, TVIPL has the expertise to suggest, supervise and monitor the rehabilitation measures.

Planning of water supply networks is a focus area of urban and rural development, and TVIPL has all the expertise for investigations and consultancy for such projects.

The expertise and techniques available with us for Water Resources investigations is as follows:

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